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Original Artwork, "Spirit of America" Typical Page  

Third Edition (1937-1940):

Cover Art: Norman Rockwell
Author: Edited by H. W. Hurt (Various Authors)

During the era of the Great Depression, Scouts used the 3rd Edition, published in 1927. Gone was the constant color changing, but the cover did change in subtle ways. The "50 Cents" logo was dropped, and a very limited edition (5000 books) was printed with white substituted for the blue to celebrate the 25th anniversary. In the original Norman Rockwell painting, a Spanish conquistador was dropped from the background at the last minute in favor of newly-famous aerial pioneer Charles A. Lindbergh. The cover was the first and last to portray a known living person, partly due to controversy Lindbergh's political views attracted during the war years.

The handbook was illustrated with black-and-white drawings, some in cartoon style.

First-aid instruction was becoming more detailed and sophisticated. But antibiotics had not yet been developed, and minor problems such as bruises and small cuts were treated as potentially life-threatening - which they were.

Quote: It is IMPORTANT to know that rabid dogs are not always vicious. They may act quite like normal dogs except that they snap at anyone that comes near them, friend or stranger. This is the so called "furious" rabies.