Special Feature: 1941 Color Insert
Fourth Edition (1940-1943) Full Sized (1944-1946) Wartime Sized Fourth Edition Back
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Fourth Edition (1940-1946):

Cover Art: Norman Rockwell
Author: Edited by H. W. Hurt (Various Authors)

Attention to good conservation practices was redoubled in the 4th Edition, which appeared in 1940. Scouts still ditched tents, but they no longer made lean-to's for campouts. Under the tutelage of Ted S. Pettit, who served for many years as BSA's director of conservation, Scouts began learning the principles of ecology and the "web of life."

The Community Strip on the Boy Scout's uniform was deliberately obscured so that he could represent all Scouts everywhere. While the outside did not change throughout its issue, the inside reflected the realities of a nation at war. The color plates in the 1940-41 printing were designed to inspire Scouts to achieve all the awards and recognitions they could earn. The 1942 color plates added the newly-instituted Air Scouting insignia. However in 1943 the color plates abruptly disappeared to conserve materials for the war effort. Full color illustrations would never appear in another handbook until the 10th edition came out in 1990.

Quote: Our America is a melting pot. Our strength has come from every people who here sought liberty under law. In a world which blacks out individual freedom, our America must stand as a light house to freedom-loving men everywhere. Ours is a crusade to keep democracy strong, united--a land of Brotherhood and opportunity. The spirit of the Good Turn--caring about others, is the vital spirit of democracy and of civilization.