Fifth Edition First Cover (1948) No Price Fifth Edition (1949) Price 65 Cents Fifth Edition First Cover Back
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Fifth Edition (1948-1958):

Cover Art: Don Ross for types 1 and 2
Author: Edited by Ted Pettit (Various Authors)

The 5th Edition, published in 1948, was the first to forego bylines for writers. It was also the last to include detailed plans for making tents, pack frames, and tin crafts. It was the first handbook to adopt a completely different cover design during its run, perhaps to show off the new uniform design to best advantage.

Quote: One way to tell a real outdoorsman and camper, is by his ability to know the right knot to use at the right time and to tie it quickly. The Scout camper knows several knots. Each was designed for a definite purpose. He can tie them in pitch dark, as well as in broad daylight.