Special Feature: To You as a Scout
Sixth Edition (1959-1965) Sixth Edition Back Original Artwork
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Sixth Edition (1959-1965):

Cover Art: Norman Rockwell
Author: William Hillcourt

The 6th Edition, the handbook for the baby boom generation, came out in 1959. It was the last to carry ads and the first to have color drawings on inside pages. It introduced mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing to save life and aluminum foil-cooking for outdoor chefs. Of all the handbooks featuring Norman Rockwell's work, this is the only painting he specifically designed for a handbook cover. Rushed at the time, he only completed the walking scout. The background was added later by a different artist.

Thanks to the presence of penicillin and other antibiotics for treating infections, blisters were no longer frightening. Scouts were advised to wash a blister with soap and water, puncture it with the sterilized point of a pin, and cover it with a sterile dressing.

Quote: You never need to be ashamed of the dirt that will wash off. If you play hard and work hard you can't help getting dirty. But when the game is over or the work done, that kind of dirt gives way to soap and water. But there's another kind of dirt that won't come off by washing. It's the kind that enters your mind. You will have a hard struggle fighting that kind of dirt, but if you really try, you'll win.