Ninth Edition (1977-1989) Black Ninth Edition (1977-1989) Color Ninth Edition Back
Original Artwork, "Come and Get It!" Typical Page  

Ninth Edition (1977-1989):

Cover Art: Norman Rockwell (Posthumous)
Author: William Hillcourt

"Boy" was put back in the title and, in the 9th Edition, Scouts were again required to hike, camp, and cook to reach First Class. The stress on inner-city Scouting was somewhat reduced, although the handbook still gave advice on city hiking and first aid for rat bites. It was the "Official" Boy Scout Handbook, a nod to the dramatic rollback of the contents and cover art to a more conservative model. It was also the last handbook with a painted cover.

Quote: Out in camp you'll have a glorious time. But you'll do more than that. You'll build up your health and your strength. You'll learn to be resourceful, self-reliant. You'll deepen your love of nature. You'll come to appreciate our country's natural resources. And in camp you'll learn to get along with others.