Eleventh Edition (1998-2008) Eleventh Edition Back Typical Page

Eleventh Edition (1998-2008):

Cover Art: Photocomposite
Author: Robert Birkby

In its attempt to better address the current generation, the 11th Edition follows trends already evident in magazines and books for young readers, featuring large, sharp, color photography and illustrations and crisp, to-the-point writing.

The new handbook uses a larger format than any previous edition, but it is nearly 200 pages thinner than the bulkier 10th Edition. Text on many subjects ("Selecting a campsite," "How a compass works") often begins and ends on a single page.

To reduce the number of pages, many of the almanac-type information segments not specifically related to advancement requirements were removed. These included topics like Morse code, semaphore signaling, sign language, state flags, canoeing, rowing and bicycling techniques, seasonal sky star charts, and most detailed information about plants and animals which were relegated to the Fieldbook.

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