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Twelfth Edition (2009-Present):

Cover Art: Photocomposite including painting by Joseph Csatari
Author: Robert Birkby

The first Boy Scout Handbook to have a full translation into Spanish, it was nostalgia themed to celebrate 100 years of the Boy Scouts of America. Artwork is borrowed from all previous editions to strengthen the identity of Scouting as a hundred year institution embarking on its second hundred years, but some users find the visual style cluttered and designed to appeal more to nostalgic adult leaders than to the youth members for which it was designed.

This was the first "green" edition, printed with environmentally friendly processes on recycled paper. It is also the first to have its own website:

Quote: You will have many opportunities as a Scout to lead members of your patrol and troop. Perhaps you've been part of a flag ceremony opening a troop meeting. Maybe you led the troop in reciting the Scout Oath and Scout Law. You might have helped your patrol plan and pack food for your first campout. You may already be using a map and compass or a GPS receiver to help lead the way during hikes.