Type 1A White Cover (1915-1922)
"Be Prepared" at Top
Type 1B White Cover (1918-1924)
Subject at Top
Type 2A Tan Cover (1925-1928)
Address is "200 Fifth Ave."
Type 2B Tan Cover (1928-1939)
Address "Two Park Avenue", No State
Type 2C Tan Cover (1936-1939)
Address "Two Park Avenue", "N. Y."
Type 2D Tan Cover (1937-1939)
"Merit Badge Series" in Mixed Case
Type 3 Standing Scout (1939-1944)
Covers Identical Except for Subject, Badge
Type 4 Red and White (1944-1952)
Wartime Design to Save Colored Inks
Type 5 Photo Red Cover (1949-1966)
Like Type 4 but With Photo
Type 6 Full Photo Cover (1966-1971)
Subtypes Exist Based on LR Hand Logo
Type 7 Green Stripe Top (1971-1979)
Styled Consistent with 8th Ed Handbook
Type 8 Red Stripe Top (1980-2008)
Cover Photo Changed as Revised
Type 9A Air Scouting (1941-1942)
"Aviation" MB Briefly Split Into 4 Topics
Type 9B Wildlife Management (1953)
This Subject Debuted at the 3rd Natl. Jam.
Type 9C Outboard Boating Skills (1955)
Evinrude Prototype of "Motorboating"
Type 9D Colonial Philadelphia (1976)
Not a National Issue Pamphlet
Type 9E Historical Merit Badges (2010)
Four Topics, Digital Publication Only
Type 10 Photocomposite (2009-Present)
Some are Cover-Only Updates of Type 8