Third Edition (1954-1966)
5 1/2" x 8"
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Ryukyu Islands Edition    

Third Edition (1954-1966):

Edition Notes: Art by Don Ross. Cover A has a plain spine while Cover B has “Bear” on the spine. The most naturalistic of the Ross covers. 156 pages. Illustrations were mostly the same two color (blue and black) linear cartoons that appeared in the Second Edition.

Historical Notes: The second edition that had proved a little too simple for ten-year-olds was a little too difficult for nine-year-olds. The requirements and text were further simplified.

Quote: As you follow the Bear tracks from achievement to achievement, you will collect pieces of a secret puzzle. Every time you complete an achievement, your dad or mother will sign the page. Then you cut the secret puzzle square from the corner of the page and paste it on the square of the Bear cage above that shows the number of the achievement you passed.