Special Feature: 1967 Cub Scout Books Excerpt
Fourth Edition (1967-1983)
5 3/8" x 8"
Back, Style 1 Back, Style 2
Typical Page Big Bear Achievements (1982-1983)
4 7/8" x 8"

Fourth Edition (1967-1981):

Edition Notes: 202 pages. Illustrations were two color sketches in various colors with black.

Historical Notes: Several major changes to the Cub Scouting program required a new handbook, especially a realignment of Cub Scout entrance requirements to grade level rather than age. That required a further revision of the reading level of the text.

Quote: If our country was ever attacked, we would get warning by sirens sounded by civil defense officers. There are two kinds of signals. The first is called “alert.” It is a steady blast on the siren lasting 3 minutes. It means to get ready in case of attack. The second signal is “take cover.” It is a wailing, warbling sound for 3 minutes. It means to get into the best shelter you can find right away.

The Big Bear Achievements Pamphlet (1982-1983):

Edition Notes: A 28 page pamphlet. Black and white ink drawings.

Historical Notes: Designed to help sell out an overprint of fourth edition handbooks caused by a dip in BSA membership. It introduced the more conservative requirements of the Fifth Edition “Big Bear Book.”