Special Feature: 1967 Cub Scout Books Excerpt
Fourth Edition (1967-1977)
5 3/8" x 8"
Back Style 1 (1967-1972) Back Style 2 (1973-1977)
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Fourth Edition (1967-1977):

Edition Notes: “Boy Scouts of America” appears on the cover for the first time since 1946. 194 pages, 5 3/8” x 8”. Illustrations were two color sketches in various colors with black.

Historical Notes: Several major changes to the Cub Scouting program required a new handbook, especially a realignment of Cub Scout entrance requirements to grade level rather than age. That meant boys slightly less than 7 1/2 could become Cub Scouts, and required a further revision of the reading level of the text. A note in the parent’s supplement advised that some boys could not read well enough to understand the book without some assistance. In 1974 Bobcat became a rank for the first time.

Quote: Akela was the big Chief of the Webelos. Tall, straight as an arrow, swift as an antelope, brave as a lion. He was fierce to an enemy but kind to a brother. His father was the son of the sun. His totem, the Arrow of Light.