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Robert Baden-Powell, founder of Scouting, was once asked "Be Prepared...for what?" He replied simply, "Why, for any old thing!" It was hardly surprising that Boy Scouting would have an Emergency Services program. Before Scouting had turned a decade old, there were "Emergency Units" in Scout Troops. Still, it was many years before the program was formalized into a Senior Scouting option.

Emergency Service Corps:

In 1939, the Emergency Service Corps was created as our nation began to prepare for involvement in World War II. It continued past the end of hostilities as a hot war was exchanged for a cold one.

Emergency Service Explorers:

In 1949, with the advent of the Explorer Scouting program, the Emergency Service Explorers took over the job which it held with few changes until 1962.

Ready Explorers and Emergency Service:

From 1962 to 1969 only members of the Explorer program were allowed to perform emergency services. By 1969 the "Ready Explorer" armband was replaced by the "Emergency Service" armband. Scouts continued in this program until it was phased out in the mid 90's in favor of Fire and Law Enforcement Exploring activities.