The Stevensons - - Dealers and appraisers of Scouting memorabilia since 1972. Jim and Bea Stevenson.

The Virtual Boy Scout Museum: 1910-1919 - - The Boy Scout Stuff Virtual Museum seeks to educate the Scouting public, through memorabilia, about the history and culture of Boy Scouting in America during the movement's first decade. Curator: Dan Jabe.

Senior Scouting History - - A great site for older boy programs. Curator: Michael Brown.

US Scouting Service Project - - The Scouting web portal, with openings to many different areas of interest.

The National Scouting Museum - Irving, Texas. - - The BSA-run museum that every Scout or Scouter would enjoy.

The Arizona Scouting Museum - - Phoenix, Arizona. 

Scout Out the Net! - - A great resource.